Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Does lying down after sex increase your chance of being pregnant?

ive heard this before due to gravity? is it true?
Yes. If you immediately get up, or wipe away the fluid there, the sperm may not have adequate time to get up there. By sitting for a little while, you let the sperm have better mobility to try to get up there :) That being said, many people who do not lie on their back DO conceive... but if laying there with your legs up will help... I say give it a go :)

If you are worried about missing out on the cuddling, or not bonding with your significant other afterward: After sex my hubby and I lay together, side by side, with my legs up on the wall. A lot of times he will put his legs up on the wall too, so that I don

What do the doctors do with the dead baby after the abortion?

Idk this just came up in my dreams..
if you really want to know, watch this video and it

Coke or pepsi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

someone asked can you taste the diference so i wanted to see which everyone preffered - i am a pepsi guy

watch this commercial

I prefer pepsi
I think them both!
Aways been Pepsi no others.
coke!!!!!!!!!!! Pepsi tastes flat
pepsiiiiiii all the way , coke is too bubbly :P
i like both tbh.

Probably Diet coke tho :)



coke leaves a bad taste in my mouth.. pepsi
My dad LOVES coke and my mom is insane over Pepsi...No wonder they are divorced...haha jk. I love Pepsi. I think Coke is a flat Pepsi, but my dad says it

Teens, How can I get Into reading more?

Hello. I hardly ever read. And when I do I get bored after the first few pages. Or I abandon the book. I also get headaches when reading and find It boring. So how can I enjoy reading more? and what are some good books? =) thanks x-x-x
Read books that you enjoy reading. If you don

I gave birth 1 month ago and stopped bleeding for 3 days and started again?

i stopped bleeding 5 days ago for 3 days and then i started again...is that normal? or is it a period?
thats normal, its just your body re adjusting to not having a baby inside you. my bleeding after my baby was on and off for about 3 months and it slowed down on its own
its very normal! it could be your period! they are likely to be very irregular for a while!

id say it was your period if its red again! but if it started brownish again then its the the after birth bleeding which is normal to start an stop, this happen with my last baby!

mum to 3.5yrold, 2.5yrold

Im 16weeks and 2days could this be my baby?

i can feel bubble popping like noise n stuff could this be my baby kicking.its like off and on im wondering
Yay. Sounds a lot like it. I described mine like popcorn going off inside then the feelings gradually got more noticable and I could feel the baby rolling around.

I was almost 16 weeks when I first felt it too. Am now 20 weeks and its changed, can feel the odd jab and kick, I find it kinda weird at the mo!

Congrats and have a healthy pregnancy x
If it feels like flutters, it could be the baby. I felt my baby starting at 16 weeks. It felt like flutters, and then I started to feel tiny kicks once in a while.
You don

Am I pregnant? I am 4 days late and...?


4 days late

Unprotected sex

No period symptoms, other than being VERY moody

My period comes every 28-29 days

No pre-period discharge (brown yukky stuff, I always get that)

Random on and off cramps

Very achy

Its very hard for me to wake up

I have not been stressed what so ever.. actually very relaxed up until today

This is disgusting, but I went pee today and a small very light red chunk of something came out.. so I put a liner in and still no spotting or period.

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